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Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets 

Sunlite Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets by R S Supply

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    Sunlite Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet Features
  Polycarbonite Multiwall Sheets by Sunlite

• High fire performance rating
• Easy to handle and install using ordinary tools
• Excellent impact resistance
• Lightweight
• High light transmission
• Weather and UV Resistant -
• Superb thermal insulation - saves energy Overview

    Sunlite Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet Overview
    SUNLITE by R S Supply combines the characteristic strength of polycarbonate with insulation. This yields a strong, insulating lightweight, attractive sheet for varied roofing, cladding, and glazing. SUNLITE is used in markets as diverse as construction, agriculture, industry, DIY and advertising.
    Applications for Sunlite Multiwall Sheet
    • Conservatories
• Skylights
• Decorative Signs and displays
• Covered Walkways
• Industrial Roofing and Glazing
• Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
• Swimming Pools
• Greenhouses

Printable Sunlite Information 
Sunlite Install Guide 
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Polycarbonate Multi Wall Sheets
  Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets by Polygal

•Lightweight - 1/6 the weight of glass and 1/3 the weight of acrylic.

•Virtually Unbreakable - impact strength 200 times greater than glass and 8 times greater than acrylic.

•Excellent Weather Resistance - a solar grade co-extruded layer protects the sheets against yellowing and surface wear from extended UV exposure.

•Excellent Insulation - the ribbed configuration of the multi-walled sheets traps air within the sheet, providing outstanding thermal insulation.

•Controlled Daylight Transmission - ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required.

•Flexible and Easy to Install - easily bent into arches. Will not crack or split when cut, sawn or drilled.

•Flame Retardant - Compliant with most international standards - at very high temperatures, material melts but flames do not spread.

•UV Blocking layer protects objects inside the structure from yellowing and other types of UV damage.

•AntiFog Performance - optional condensation drainage treatment effectively prevents moisture accumulation.

•Environmentally Friendly - Reduces use of fossil fuel - non-polluting - 100% recyclable.

Printable Polygal Information
Polygal Product Selection pdf
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