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You’ve eschewed those heavy terra cotta, natural stone and cast iron planter pots for their lighter vinyl alternatives.  Now the overriding question becomes: Where do you find the best product?  After all, with so many styles of planter pots to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a source.  When choosing a plastic pot wholesale, there are a variety of factors to consider, including:

  • Company dedication.  R S Supply employees believe in their product and pride themselves on delivering more than minimum customer service.  With available free shipping in some cases and a minimum order of just $250, they strive to make their plastic pot wholesale offerings easily available;
  • The product itself.  Retail garden centers as well as retail florists trust R S Supply to deliver a quality product.  All products on the plastic pot wholesale list weather the elements with impact resistance, UV protection and virtually unbreakable integrity;
  • Ease of ordering.  R S Supply will ship anywhere in the United States, and strives to fill your order quickly;
  • Wide selection.  R S Supply’s plastic pots range from 6 inches to 27 inches, and come in a variety of colors, including terra cotta, ivory, green, natural stone and cast iron;
  • Extra amenities.  Matching decorative saucers add even more pizzazz to the common vinyl planter pot.  They’re etched with a pleasing design and offer a steady platform for R S Supply’s plastic pots.

Welcome to the word of plastic pot wholesale offerings, where design and integrity are key.  Call R S Supply today to discover how easy it is to order this beautiful product.

Call R S Supply Today at (800) 782-4467 from our wide selection of wholesale pots.

Learn All About Our Selection of Wholesale Plastic Pots.


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