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Inside every gardener’s toolbox, a variety of must-have items are stored.  There’s the trowel, necessary for folding the earth back and coaxing that green leaf up toward the sun’s rays.  The heavy-duty gloves that keep dirt from lodging in between fingernails.  And the plastic pots wholesale that keep the planted item secure.

Gardeners have added the practical vinyl planter pot to their toolkit relatively recently.  Before its invention, they were forced to resort to heavy pots that were difficult to work with and offered little or no variety in terms of color.  Today, the varied, lightweight pots are so popular, they have people asking “How do I purchase plastic pots wholesale?”

  • Step one: Choose a company that offers a superior product.  R S Supply stocks Arkal pots, which have been popular in Europe for ages.  These pots are made of the highest quality vinyl and consistently deliver the best in pot protection.  They are impact-resistant, UV-protected and virtually unbreakable;
  • Step two: Check your options.  Choose among terra cotta, ivory, green, natural stone and cast iron designs, and you’ll fool garden visitors into thinking you bothered to deal with the old, cumbersome pots.  R S Supply stocks these options in sizes from 6 inches to 27 inches – small enough for a small plant, and large enough to accommodate a tree;
  • Step three: Look for the extras.  Peruse R S Supply’s plastic pots wholesale catalogue, and you’ll discover amenities like pop-out drain plugs, which allow for superior irrigation, as well as intricate design work that adds to the pots’ aesthetic quality.

R S Supply provides exclusive plastic pots wholesale, those gardening wonders that are now an integral part of the potting process.  Call today to discover their wide variety of wholesale planter pots.

Call R S Supply Today at (800) 782-4467 for all your Planting Pot Needs.

Learn to Purchase Wholesale Plastic Pots.

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